Oakwood Sports Centre

Smallfield Road, Horley, RH6 9AU


Tel: 01293 822238​

Our 12 Week Plan

We set up our 12 Week Plan to help new members who need motivation, direction, clear exercise plans and, most importantly, results!

You'll receive five instructor sessions over your 12 weeks.

  1. Initial session

  2. Programme

  3. Four Week Review

  4. Eight Week Review

  5. 12 Week Results

We'll get a clear understanding of why you're with us, what you're looking to achieve and what's likely to hold you up along the way.


We'll make sure you're going to the right classes, completing the right exercises and give you clear exercise programmes.


Using our superb Boditrax and eGym equipment we'll also be able to provide you with guaranteed results along the way.


Our 12 Week Plan is included FREE when you join in January (normally £50).  

Ready to get started?

We'd love you to come on board and join us at Oakwood