Frozen memberships

Dear member,


I hope you’ve seen our email detailing the dates for Oakwood’s staged

re-opening. Briefly:


Monday 29th March:

Group exercise classes (all outdoors, full timetable of 60 weekly classes)


Monday 12th April:

Fitness gym re-opens


We would like to thank you for keeping your membership with us at Oakwood. It has been an extremely challenging time, as it has for many people. We can’t wait to open up our doors again and look forward to seeing you all again from Monday 29th March for group classes.


As your membership with us is currently frozen, we will be re-instating all direct debits from 1st April. 


If you did not see or receive the email/message with details of the new timetable or App (needed for booking classes) please see our blog post here (a copy of the email).

The best method of contacting us while we're still closed is email.


Thank you,


Dan Morgan

General Manager

Oakwood Sports Centre