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HYROX for members

If you are an existing Oakwood member (Fitness or FitnessPLUS) you need the following two things in place in order to come along to our HYROX classes:

  • FitnessPLUS membership (you may well already have this)

  • HYROX monthly add-on

The FitnessPLUS membership is the one which includes our evening and weekend classes.

The HYROX add-on costs £10 per month. If you are in a partner membership and you both wish to add HYROX you will need to each add the HYROX add-on (£10 per month for each person).

The HYROX add-on is paid by direct debit with your existing membership. If you add it and decide you no longer wish to have it you can cancel it at anytime, reverting to your regular FitnessPLUS membership. We will not part-refund any add-on payment made but your following direct debit will be at your regular FitnessPLUS membership price.

To request your HYROX add-on for October onwards please
email reception and let us know.

Trying a HYROX class

We'd love our existing members to try a HYROX class and certainly don't expect people to pay to try a class as a one-off. Therefore, if you'd like to try a class please just email reception with your favoured class date/time and if there's space we'll book you on.

Classes are on:

Tuesdays: 6pm-6.45pm and 7pm-7.45pm
Thursdays: 6pm-6.45pm, 7pm-7.45pm, 8pm-8.45pm

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