June Challenge

28 Days to get YOUNGER!

7th June - 4th July 2021

This June we're running a 28-day challenge to help motivate you to squeeze in extra workouts, and push yourself just that little bit harder!


At Oakwood we have Boditrax. It is our body composition system and gives you information about how your body weight is made up (fat, muscle, water, bone).

When you do a Boditrax scan it measures your data against thousands of other people in the country and gives you a 'metabolic age' (the age of the average person with your data).

If you're not in the best shape, your metabolic age may be higher than your actual age (booo!). However as you get fitter, reducing your body fat and increasing your muscle, your results get better and your age comes down (yesss!).

Therefore, throughout the challenge, if you eat clean, cut out the rubbish, get decent workouts done and push yourself that little bit harder, you'll be able to get that age down!

How to register

Register for the challenge by messaging us on the ClubLink App or telling us at reception. It's free to join in with challenge.

Before 7th June

You need to do a Boditrax scan before the challenge starts on 7th June (as close to the date as you can). When you do your scan make sure your hydration is good (female minimum: 45%, male minimum 50%). Low hydration can give you inaccurate results.

Throughout the challenge

We will give you pointers, tips on food and drink, exercise advice and class recommendations to give you the best shot at reducing body fat and gaining some muscle. These are the two objectives which will lead to you reducing your metabolic age.

Results and prizes

At the end of the challenge (4th July) you'll need to do another Boditrax scan to see if you have managed to reduce your metabolic age. If you've reduced you age you'll go into the draw to win a few prizes. These will be handed out at our Summer BBQ on Friday 9th July.