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Joining our club

We're local, extremely friendly and ready to help you get started with your health and fitness.

Find out more about our great value memberships below.

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Half price start up fee on single and partner memberships

Why people choose Oakwood

Most people who join Oakwood are beginners or people returning to exercise. Our 8-Week Plan provides the structure, support and guidance needed.

We're known for being extremely friendly and supportive, and have a wonderful community of members 

We have built a huge timetable of over 50 weekly group exercise classes, all outdoors in covered spaces while the Covid restrictions are still in place.


eGym - A full body workout in only 30 minutes


We're proud to be the only club for 30 miles to have the world-leading eGym equipment.

Log in with your wireless wristband and the machine will set up automatically for you, guiding you through your workout and ensure it's completely safe and effective.

Your whole workout takes only 30 minutes and we guarantee results with only two visits per week.

Book a tour today to come in and have a look (and have a go if you're feeling brave!)

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Our most popular memberships

For a single adult, paying monthly with no minimum contract, here are our two membership options:

Other memberships

We also have discounted options when joining with a partner (same household) or if you're an older adult (60+)

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