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Class updates for September

We try to make improvements to our class timetable every September, January and May. With September upon us, I'm pleased to bring you up to speed with the following:

  1. New floor now installed in Fitness Garden (no more bumps or wet bottoms). New artificial grass also being installed over the next few weeks.

  2. 15 x new spin bikes installed a few weeks ago and getting very positive reviews!

  3. Further improvements (outdoor HIIT timer screen etc) now finished.

New classes for September

We have two new classes coming on to the timetable and starting week commencing 5th September, as follows:

Box & Burn

This fun, stress-busting boxing-inspired class will be using our new standing punch bags which people have been asking about. Check out the new timetable for class days/times/instructors.


Power45 is our new circuit-style class. You'll get a 'total body' workout with plenty of strength, cardio and conditioning work. This class is also based around you completing the circuit in a team with other members. This provides support and opportunities to meet new people.

Check out the new timetable for days/times/instructors.


For those who haven't got on and tried our new bikes/tried spin before here's our new Spin promo video which will be doing the rounds throughout September...

New class timetable

Please find our new timetable here, live from Monday 5th September


You'll see all the regular faces this September and as well as continuing with their classes we're pleased to say Sammy, Becky and Sophie are now also studying for their personal trainer qualifications so that we can keep improving and offering top-notch classes.

We're also delighted to say that Joe is back from his summer away and John Clarke and Jezz Luff - both popular evening instructors - will be joining us for some regular morning classes.

Introducing friends

As always, we're trying to introduce new local people to Oakwood. If you have any friends or family who may be interested please let them know that we have a membership sale on this Bank Holiday Weekend (no Start Up Fee).

Finally.. a thank you

Finally, could I