We have used guidance from both Government and UKActive (trade body) in creating our policies and processes. Please see the following to understand what changes we have made to make Oakwood Covid-secure to protect our customers and staff.

General centre

  • Customers required to observe the current Government regulations on social distancing (at time of post 1m+)

  • One way system in place. Main sports centre entrance to be used as entry only. Exits are fitness gym fire exit, green back doors and reception fire doors

  • Drinks are not available for sale. Staff will be unable to fill water bottles for customers. The water bottle filling tap of the water fountain will be in use (but not the direct-to-mouth- tap).

  • No cash payments accepted (card and contactless only)

  • Showers are out of use (if you have a special requirement for showering at Oakwood please email us in advance of your visit).

  • Use of changing rooms discouraged - please arrive ready to exercise where possible.

  • Toilets accessible as normal

  • Use of lockers discouraged. Please bring minimum personal items with you.

  • Boditrax - self-service: Please wipe scales, screen and keyboard/mouse before and after use

  • Disposable masks and gloves not required but available for sale (all proceeds donated to NHS)

  • Track and trace: Members required to scan cards on arrival. Non members required to sign in using our GoTrace system (QR code reader)

  • Full screens have been installed at reception to help protect customers and staff

  • Hand sanitiser has been provided throughout the centre and use before and after exercising required

Fitness gym specific

  • Equipment has been spaced out to (midpoint to midpoint) in line with current Government social distancing guidance

  • Members do not need to book sessions to use the gym. Capacity will be managed and if required we will introduce a booking system during peak hours.

  • No hand-towels will be permitted in the gym (customers should use disposable blue towel)

  • Customers required to clean equipment before and after use with spray and disposable blue towel provided

  • One-way system in place in gym to help prevent meeting face to face

  • Windows and fire doors to be kept open at all times to aid ventilation

  • Air conditioning will be used for short periods when gym is quiet to reduce temperature when required

  • Spin classes have been moved out of gym and music will be kept low to avoid need for customers and staff to raise voice

Group class specific

  • Indoor and outdoor class spaces marked out with 2 metre grids to help customers maintain social distancing

  • Equipment is to be cleaned by the customer before and after use with centre's cleaning products

  • Equipment will not be shared during class. Some classes require one swap of equipment half way through. This swap will require customer cleaning equipment at changeover

  • No hand towels will be permitted in classes

  • Customers encouraged to bring their own mat to classes


  • New cleaning processes in place for facilities and equipment

  • Staff will all receive information, guidance and training before club re-opens

  • Signage is situated throughout centre

  • This document/blog post will be updated in line with any changes in Government or trade body guidance

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