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New gym for Oakwood

We have exciting news! We are refurbishing our gym later this month and it's going to be great!

We re-opened in April. We worked hard to keep members and to bring in some new faces. It's now time to move to the next stage and continue to invest by improving our facilities. Therefore we're refurbishing the gym, improving the outdoor training area and further enhancing our group exercise timetable with more classes and more new instructors.

A new gym

We will be moving to a more modern gym arrangement including the following changes and improvements:

  • New treadmills

  • New cross trainers

  • New air bikes and ski-ergs for HIIT training

  • Replacing old weights machines with new cable machines

  • New weight lifting rack and weights

  • Improvements to floors, lighting, decoration etc

Improvements to outdoor fitness area

It's clear that there is still going to be a huge demand for outdoor fitness as we go forwards. We're keen to improve our fitness garden and to introduce training options and classes that are modern, on-trend and super-cool.

We will be laying a short track area for sprints, sleds and conditioning. We're bringing in new kit for outdoor training such as new tyres, plyo boxes, air bikes and more.

We're introducing new classes (HIIT Circuits) for total conditioning every day.

Group class changes

Over the past 3 years we have grown our group class timetable from 30 a week to 60 a week. We're now going even further by growing to about 70 classes a week and bringing in new classes including:

  • HIIT Step

  • HIIT Circuits

  • Step Aerobics

  • Stretch and Mobility

  • Box Fit

The new classes are already on the timetable starting week commencing 20th Sept. We're also excited to be bringing in new instructors Sarah and Mark. They will be putting a new spin on - well - Spin, as well as some of the other new classes.

Gym closure for the improvement works

I'm sorry to say the above improvements to the gym will mean a short closure later this month. We will be closing the gym at 8pm on Thursday 16th September. We will re-open on Tuesday 21st September. We will ensure there is a full schedule of classes through that period as well as some extra training options for gym members (so there won't be any excuse to stop!)

I will obviously keep posting more detail over coming weeks but should you have any specific questions obviously always feel free to email us.

Thank you,


Dan Morgan

General Manager

Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley

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