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Come and join our fitness family


Come and join our fitness family


What children should wear

Please wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for running around. We expect to be outside for
many of the activities over the holiday so please also pack sun cream and a hat.

Electronics, mobile phones and valuables
We do not permit children to bring mobile phones, electronic toys or valuables to Activity Camp. The sports
centre will not take responsibility for any loss, theft or damage.

Breaks and lunchtime
There are various short breaks and a 60 minute lunch period each day. Please provide your child with a
packed lunch and a refillable water bottle. Please DO NOT pack any fizzy drinks or energy drinks. Please
make lunches healthy and balanced and do not include nuts.
Children will be unable to purchase drinks or snacks due to our Covid-secure policies.

First Aid and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)
Our Activity Leaders, Activity Managers and Reception Managers are First Aid trained. Our Activity
Managers also hold a DBS certificate.

Storage and administration of medicines
We are happy to store your child’s inhalers at the centre while your child is with us. Please ensure these are
bagged and clearly labelled with the child’s name. Any other regular medication cannot be administered by
staff. The child’s parent/carer must come on site to administer these medications.

Illness and head lice
If you child has sickness or diarrhoea please allow a clear 48 hours before returning to holiday club. If staff
discover head lice we will inform the parent. We would request a common sense approach regarding
treatment/management of head lice.

Dropping off times
We will be unable to sign children in before the start time of their booked session. You may drop off and
collect any time within the start and end time of your booked session.

Late collection fees
If you collect your child after the designated finish time for your session we will apply a late collection fee.
The fee is £5 for anything up to 15 minutes late, a further £5 for 15-30 minutes late and a further £5 for
anything after 30 minutes late. Please note, fees will be applied even if you are

only a few minutes late and
we hope you understand the reasons for our strict rules about late collection.

Programming of activities
We decide the specific activities for a day on the morning. The activities we choose depend on the number
and ages of children booked for that day. We have three sessions in the morning and three sessions in the
afternoon. Where possible we provide an option of a sports activity or an arts & crafts activity so children
always have a choice.

Refund policy
We will offer a full refund on any bookings made as long as the refund request is received by email within
24 hours of making the booking. Refund requests should be emailed to:

Changing a booking
We do not offer refunds 24 hours after the booking has been made. We will however change your booking
to another day on receipt of an administration fee of £5.00. To change a booking please email the required
change (names of children, dates from and to and day types) to
We will then contact you and request the fee of £5.00. We will then process your change immediately.

Behaviour Policy
If a child continually misbehaves, their parent/carer will be called and may be asked to collect their child
immediately. Swearing, bullying, fighting or stealing is deemed unacceptable behaviour. Any child
displaying this behaviour will be automatically removed from the activity until a parent/carer comes to collect

Oakwood Sports Centre is operated by Blue Leisure Management Ltd. Company number 07316773.


We have a responsibility to keep all children attending our club safe and we want to ensure that they all have fun.  We must therefore have a policy in place to manage any unacceptable and unexpected behaviour.

We will at the start of each day, explain the rules and behaviour expectations to all children at the club.  We will also explain the consequences if their behaviour is not acceptable. We will also remind them at afternoon register.

If a child acts in a way that is unsafe for themselves or others, or if they are violent, rough, unkind or use bad language to another child or adult:

1. First warning - remind them of the rules

2. Child given “time out” for a few minutes

3. Child warned that we will have to contact their parent/carer if their behaviour does not improve.

4. If the child requires a second warning…

Ring named contact, explain that as per the behaviour policy we are contacting them because their child’s behaviour is unacceptable – explain why. Give the adult a chance to speak to their child if they wish to. Record this.

5. If behaviour does not change, ring named contact and ask for them to collect their child from the club. Record this.

In exceptional circumstances we might have to tell a parent/carer that their child may not return to the club.

In most cases we will go through the steps in order, but could go straight to contacting home if a child’s behaviour is causing a significant risk to themselves or others.


Check list

  • NAMED refillable water bottle

  • No nuts in their lunch/snacks

  • Clothes suitable to get messy

  • Raincoat




Please be aware we will be taking photos and videos of children in their activities and posting some of these on our website and social media feeds to help with marketing activities.


If you would prefer for your child not to be in photos please inform staff on arrival for your day.

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