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Fat Burn

The majority of new members quote 'weight loss' as their main aim when they join.


What you're really referring to is 'fat loss'. That's because we want to keep, and build on, the muscle in the body to get lean. However we want to burn the fat (using it for energy). That's what this programme is designed to do.

The workouts we set you and the classes we recommend will pack a punch intensity-wise. They will have high-intensity cardio, full-body exercises and also strength routines. Why strength? Because not only will you burn plenty of calories when you lift weights but you'll increase your metabolism and continue burning calories long after you've finished your workouts!

Members also frequently ask about improving tone. This means getting some definition in the muscles. Well rest assured, your muscles are there. The reason most people don't have the definition they looking for is because they're covered by a layer of subcutaneous fat. This is what we'll be aiming to burn off, exposing those muscles and improving tone.

Strength & Tone

We commonly aim to help members achieve a lean body. This means reducing body fat and building muscle. The results? A higher metabolism, better body composition and improved strength and muscle tone.

Strength is vital, especially as we grow older. It helps us prevent injury and go about our daily lives with ease.

This programme will give you workouts and recommend classes which will help you increase your strength and improve your tone. Workouts will include lifting weights (dumbells, kettlebells, power bags and more). You'll perform total body exercises and learn which exercises will burn big calories while building strength.

To improve your strength and your tone we will want you to lift heavier weights. This is nothing to be scared of and you certainly won't go turning into a bodybuilder (unless you want to!) so don't be put off. We'll show you how to lift correctly, and safely so it's fun and effective.

Whatever your gender, age, current body type, strength or level of fitness we will be able to help you.

Outdoors Only

If you're not yet ready to get back in the gym and would rather stay outdoors then we've got the perfect programme for you. Our 'Outdoors Only' programme does exactly that.

We will give you workouts and recommend classes which are done in our outdoor Bootcamp training area. We have over 20 classes per week outside including mornings, evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings. We have classes of all types for members of all abilities.

As well as classes we'll be able to give you workouts which you can do outdoors at Oakwood when there is no class on. We'll even be able to advise on exercises to do from home and out and about (walking/running/cycling etc).

Whatever your reason for wanting to be outside, we're ready with so many options to help you.

Fit From 50

Our new Fit From 50 programme pays attention to several areas of health and fitness which become more important as we get older. We'll personalise your programme, taking into account your current fitness, any illnesses, injuries or special requirements you may have. We'll be looking to improve your aerobic fitness, your muscular strength as well as your core stability and mobility.

We'll create a programme of exercises you can do in the gym, outdoors, or from home - whatever suits you best. If you have particular health requirements or have been referred to us by your GP then we have specific, qualified instructors ready to assist you as well.

Immunity Boost

eGYM have developed a whole new programme to help people boost their immunity. We won't blind you with the science but this programme does what it says on the tin and we've included it as an option in all our memberships.


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