Ready to make real progress?

Our 8-week plan will give you the knowledge, focus and direction you need to see real results.

We don't do inductions

We don't want to just show you how to use the machines and leave you to it.

Tell us why you've joined. We'll tell you how to get there.

How the plan works


We will find out a bit about your history and current fitness level. We'll want to know why you've joined and what you're looking to achieve. We'll take you through a Boditrax scan to get a starting position on your composition data. We'll then set you up on the fantastic eGym equipment and show you any other machines you might need when you visit.

Keeping an eye on you

We'll watch your attendance at the club and also keep an eye on your exercise away from Oakwood using the new TeamUp App. If you find you've forgotten how to use some of the machines or are finding things too easy/hard we'll book you in for another session to tidy things up and keep you moving.


After 8 weeks we'll bring you back in for another Boditrax appointment to check you've made headway. We'll also upgrade you to a personalised programme on eGym (free).


We want you to visit Oakwood regularly for your workouts. However it's also important you exercise outdoors. It's great for your mental health and will only help you get results faster.


The TeamUp App allows you to create teams with your friends and family. You all exercise where, when and how you like, logging points as you go.


As a member at Oakwood you get the new TeamUp App free of charge and being in a team with our gym staff will allow us to see how your exercise is coming along away from Oakwood as well as when you're with us.

TeamUp launches in April 2021. You can find out more about it here.