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When you join a gym you often get shown how to use the kit then left to your own devices.

You need to know so much more. You need to know what to do when you visit, which machines to use, what to do, how to use them safely and effectively and what to do when it gets too easy (because you're getting fitter!)

Also, the early weeks/months need to be about gaining confidence, getting familiar with the club, the gym, the equipment, working out which classes to attend and making sure you get a start which is going to give you the best chance of lasting success!

Our 8-week Kickstart Plan does exactly this.

You will receive three sessions of one-to-one training with an instructor across your first 8 weeks with us. The Kickstart Plan is included in your start-up fee and makes sure you have enough access to our brilliant staff so that you're confident, knowledgeable and ready for action!

Member success!

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