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Children's parties


Recent parent comments

A very easy party, simple to book, good communication.  Staff were great with the children.

Nerf Wars - 12th Mar 2023

Party packages

We have the following party packages available:

  1. Funzone (ages approx 4-7)

  2. Roller Disco (ages approx 7-12)

  3. Disco (ages approx 3-11)

  4. Nerf Wars (ages approx 6-11)

  5. Sports (ages approx 7-11)

We can adapt activities slightly within each package to make them flexible for children of different ages.

The basic package for all parties includes

  • All supervision and organisation provided by our staff

  • Up to 20 children (you can add more)

  • 60 mins for the activity (can be extended) and 30 mins for the food​

  • Food will take place in the same hall as the activity

  • Digital link with map and directions to send to guests

  • All chairs, tables, table coverings provided

  • Balloons in reception and hall provided

  • All cleaning and tidying done by our staff


Basic package for all parties: £215.00

Extra options

  • Extra 30 mins activity: £30.00

  • Extra children: £10 per group of 5 (extra children cannot be added to a Nerf party)

Basic Package

Roller Disco Party

Our Roller Disco Party is ideal for children aged approx 7-12 years.

We mix organised games and races (Conga, stuck in the mud etc) with time just to skate.

We also have specific skates for younger skaters who need help with balance (see images).

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Roller Disco

FunZone Party

Our FunZone Party is ideal for children aged approx 4-7 years.

We mix organised games such as Stuck-in-the-mud, Duck Duck Goose and Parachutes with time just to play.

This is also the ideal party if you want to invite children to dress in a theme.

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Note: The FunZone party includes the bouncy castle


Nerf Wars Party

Our Nerf Wars Party is ideal for children aged approx 6-11 years.

We play organised games such as "Capture The Flag" and "Protect the King"!

Note: Max 20 children can be accommodated on a Nerf Party

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Disco Party

Our Disco Party is ideal for children approx 3-11 years.

We mix organised games with time just to dance. We adapt all the games as necessary for the age of the children.

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Sports Party

Our Sports Party is ideal for children approx 5-11 years.

Some children choose to just have one sport (eg football) for the hour. Others choose to mix two-three sports (eg football, basketball, dodgeball).


More recent parent comments

Sun 19 Mar  - Funzone
Great staff, great music, thank you for the party.

Sat 18 Mar  - Funzone

Very Organised, all the kids loved it!

Sat 11 Mar  - Funzone
Fantastic Party, lovely staff!  Thank you!

Sat 11 Mar
  - Disco
Staff were amazing with the children, they all had a great time!

Sat 05 Mar
  - Sports
Fab party - you did amazing all the boys had a great time, thank you.

Sun 26 Feb - Funzone
Excellent party and the staff were really good with the Children!

Sat 25 Feb - Funzone
Really well organised party, staff very friendly and great with children - we couldn't ask for more!

Sat 25 Feb - Nerf Wars
Great party, minimal adult involvement which is always a bonus for the parents!

Sat 25 Feb - Funzone

Thanks so much, everyone had a great time it was super easy.

Sat 18 Feb - Roller Disco Party

Great, stress free party thank you, my daughter had a fab time!

Sat 18 Feb - Funzone Party

It was a very smooth process to book and staff were fantastic with the children thank you!

Sun 19 Feb - Roller Disco Party

Very polite and helpful - played our playlist and kept games fun for the children.

Sun 12 Feb - Sports Party

Great party thank you!

Sun 12 Feb - Sports Party

Great team thank you!

Sun 12
 Feb - Funzone Party
Great Party! Staff were fantastic, kids had a great time.

Sat 11 Feb - Roller Disco Party

My daughter had such a lovely time!  Thank you so much for all the help with the food etc, party staff were brilliant 5*

Sun 29 Jan - Roller Disco Party
All the staff have been so thoughtful and kind.  Excellent experience that the kids loved




We have availability for parties at weekends, both in mornings and afternoons

Please use the enquiry form to check availability, or call reception on
01293 822238

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