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Class changes in September

We try to make a handful of changes to our group class timetable every Jan, May and Sep. With this in mind, please find some updates about changes coming up in September:


Step and Pump will be moved to the other gymnasium from Tuesday 19th September onwards. This is to make the current space available for the introduction of a new class, HYROX.

HYROX is a new class which will run four times per week (6pm and 7pm on Tue and Thu evenings). It is a conditioning class and one of the fastest growing classes in the country. We have invested in equipment, instructors and affiliation and are excited to bring it to Oakwood. More information here> Classes start in Open Week (week starting 18th September).


Our fabulous Spin instructor Marie has made her way from Oakwood (we hope she'll make a return in the future!). Becky will be picking up her spin class and it will now be "Disco Spin" from 5.45pm-6.30pm, starting 6th September.


We will no longer be running the Thursday evening Conditioning Circuits (5pm) or Spin class (6pm). We have also taken out Metacon and Pump and replaced them with HYROX classes. Sammy will teach both HYROX classes.

Other changes, still to be confirmed:

We are currently finalising a handful of other changes to the timetable and will update this page and let everyone know as soon as they are confirmed.

Cover instructors

We would like members to know that we are very conscious of the difficulties we have had in covering certain classes when instructors have needed time off. We have worked hard in recent weeks to find new options including alternative class types and new instructors who we hope will help to relieve pressure on existing instructors.

And finally...

As always, we know some changes will be met with disappointment and others will be welcomed. It is always difficult to choose what to cut, change and add. Please know that we really do discuss and consider options as well as we can before making decisions over changes, always aiming for as little disruption as possible.

Many thanks,


Dan Morgan

General Manager

Oakwood Sports Centre

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