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Summer Shape Up Challenge

We all need an extra nudge now and then! Our 21-Day Challenge runs from 12th June to 2nd July. For three weeks we're encouraging you to eat better and move more with our summer initiative.

Simply add your name to the Attendance-Tracker boards in reception and you're ready to go. There's also an optional WhatsApp Community which you can join for added support and motivation.

WhatsApp: The WhatsApp Community is NOT a WhatsApp group. No one else can see your name or number, only Oakwood's Manager, Dan. Join by scanning the QR code on the Attendance Tracker boards.

Boditrax: We recommend doing a Boditrax scan at the start and end of the challenge. There are always metrics you can improve (body composition, metabolic age, BMR, hydration etc). Please ask us if you need help.

Attendance: Most people find that accountability really helps with motivation. Therefore we're encouraging you to colour in the Attendance Tracker board every time you visit.

Thanks everyone - hope to see your name on the board!

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