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Membership price increase

We're sorry to say that from 1st June 2024 we will be asking members for a slightly increased fee. We have managed to freeze prices since 2020 and we know how everything else in life has increased over recent years and have been mindful of this when deciding on increases.

I have tried to explain why we feel we need to finally increase prices a little in the following video (1st May 2024). I have also explained some of the various improvements we're making at Oakwood throughout May to bring the club up to scratch and help soften the blow of the price increase.

Improvements during May

As a team, we have discussed some improvements we would like to make at Oakwood during May to help further justify the price increase from June. We also welcome any input from members so if there's anything on your mind that we could improve please let staff know when you next visit and they will add it to a list for consideration.

  • Spin bikes to be repaired (parts arrive 02/05)

  • Roof to spin tent to be replaced

  • Existing spin tent side panels being removed for deep clean

Small equipment renewals
  • Hand weights for classes - adding new pairs

  • Boxing gloves and pads being replaced/added to

  • Various other small kit changes, additions and improvements

  • Fitness Garden - new end panel and fixtures to prevent rain getting in

  • Improvements to roof (adjoining centre)

  • Roof (replaced April 2024)

  • Decoration works to toilets, reception and entrance

  • Some classes to be moved from dance studio to sports hall (to save moving kit and improve heating)

  • Capacity being increased on several classes which are frequently fully booked

We will keep this list updated with any extra improvements we decide to make at Oakwood during May.

Thank you everyone,


Dan Morgan - General Manager

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